The Showbiz Game (TSG) is a planned Online Multiplayer Business simulation game for movie/tv lovers that allows its members to manage an entertainment company. Choose to own a film studio, production company, tv network, talent agency, news service, etc. Produce a film with the talent in the game and release it to theaters to see if it will be a box office smash or a complete and utter disaster.

In addition to the movie section, The Showbiz Game will also include a TV game where players will be given the opportunity to start their very own virtual TV Network. Start your empire in any one of the over 200 available TV markets in the U.S and expand into other markets to become a regional or national TV Network. Become an affiliate or remain independent. The choice is yours in The Showbiz Game.

So you have decided to start your own entertainment company and want to be the next big thing in showbiz. Now it would be helpful to know what to do next right? Well playing The Showbiz Game is easy at its core. Once your account is created, you can select the career path you wish to pursue. Their are numerous paths and more information about each can be found here.

The links below take you to more detailed information about different ways to play the game.



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